Emergency Situations
Dial 911 if you see any life threatening emergency.

Non-Emergency Situations
Any non-emergency situations may be directed to 231-922-4550. In the event a storm produces conditions like those experienced back in March 2012, we will answer non-emergency lines in turn following any emergency calls.

Please anticipate having to wait for an available dispatcher if your situation is determined to be non-emergency. It is our desire to serve everyone quickly and call volumes sometimes pose a challenge to how quickly we can get to an non-emergency issue.
  1. Locked out

    Are you locked out of your house? Locked out of your car? Learn how to get the help you need.

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  2. My vehicle towed

    Depending on where you parked your vehicle, it may have been towed for several reasons.

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  3. Fireworks complaint

    Learn how to report firework complaints.

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  4. Dog in distress

    Learn more about how to report a dog is distress such as being in a hot vehicle.

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  5. Low-flying aircraft

    The best resource to call for any aircraft-related violations or complaints is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards District Office.

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  1. My power outage

    Learn who to report your power outage to and what phone number to use.

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  2. Gas Leak

    Learn more about how to report when you have a gas leak or are smelling gas and are unable to find the source.

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  3. Traffic issue

    Learn more about reporting traffic issues and who to direct your specific traffic issue to.

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  4. Lost/Found Animal

    We recommend to all county residents to utilize the Facebook page called "Grand Traverse Area Lost/Found Pets" to help reunite pets with their owners. Their page has a better public presence and is easily shared.

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