No Scam Zone

Scam Alert

Unfortunately, seniors are often the target of thieves and scams.

The methods of these scams vary: a victim ‘winning’ a fake contest, a victim’s own family member stealing the victim’s life-savings, or a victim’s personal information being stolen and used to get credit cards. The list of the types of scams circulated is far too long.

To help combat this problem, the Senior Center Network has partnered with local government and law enforcement to participate in the No Scam Zone.  Registering for the No Scam Zone will keep you informed of current scams reported in our area. 
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* Phone call alerts will be prerecorded and originate from a local (231) 923-4024 phone number.  This phone number is for a mass phone call service that will be used to keep you informed.  All phone calls will begin with the following message: "This is a pre-recorded No Scam Zone Message from the Senior Center Network.  We are calling to alert you of a scam happening in our area."  Immediately following will be the details of the scam.  The subject line of all emails will be "No Scam Zone" with the current date.  

If you would like to report a scam, it is best to contact your local law enforcement agency. 
Grand Traverse County Sheriff: (231) 995-5000             
Traverse City Police: (231) 995-5000
After Hours Central Dispatch: (231) 922-4550