Annual Awards Banquet

The 30th Annual Awards Banquet were presented by the County Planning Commission and the Grand Traverse County Chapter of the Michigan Townships Association on Thursday, November 5 at Boone’s Long Lake Inn. This time-honored celebration recognizes individuals, plans, and developments that enhance the communities in the County.

The Frank Purvis Stewardship Award

"None of us really owns the land we occupy during our brief span, we are stewards; entrusted with the care and management of the land. It is expected that we will turn it over to subsequent generations in as good, if not better, condition as when it was under our responsibility." - Frank Purvis

The 2015 Frank Purvis Stewardship Award recipient is Sarna Salzman, Executive Director, SEEDS, Traverse City

The Roger Williams Planner Award

 “For excellence in the professional field of planning to the communities through encouraging or facilitating cooperative efforts between local units, agencies, and the County and by fostering the County Master Plan and guidebooks.”

The 2015 Roger Williams Planner Award recipient is Brian VanDenBrand, Deputy Planner, Garfield Charter Township.

Certificates of Appreciation:

Joanne Ogur, Fife Lake Township Trustee

Tessa Johnson, Fife Lake Village Clerk

Kristi Baker, Green Lake Township Zoning Administrator

Hugo Karle, Green Lake Township Planning Commissioner

Karen Send, Kingsley Village Clerk

Howard Geerlings, Long Lake Township Zoning Board of Appeals Chair

County Planning Commission Special Recognition Awards

Acme Township Community Master Plan

Whitewater Township Master Plan

Distinguished Service Awards

Jim Johnson, Highway Engineer, Grand Traverse County Road Commission

Noreen Broering, Fife Lake Trails Coordinator

Tim Wicksall, Paradise Township Trustee and Planning Commissioner

Placemaking Awards

Fife Lake Loop Trail, Fife Lake Township and Village

Bayfront Trail Extension, City of Traverse City

Perry Hannah Plaza, City of Traverse City

Outstanding Development Awards

Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons, City of Traverse City

US-31 N Reconstruction by Team Elmer’s, East Bay Township

Sarna Salzman, 2015 Purvis Award Recipient


Brian VanDenBrand, 2015 Williams Award Recipient