Development Review & Requirements for Submittals

The Committee meets the last Wednesday of the month at 11 a.m. on an as needed basis. Contact Marcia Carmoney of the Planning and Development Department, at 231-922-4573, to request a development review and scheduling a Committee meeting.

Application Fee
  • $90 per development
Checks may be made out to "Grand Traverse County."

Plan Submittal
Twenty copies of the plan shall be submitted to the Planning and Development Department at least 3 weeks prior to the last Wednesday of the month along with the required application fee (non-refundable). Copies shall be folded to allow it to fit into a 9" x 12" envelope.

Plan Content
The plans shall contain the following minimum information for review:
  1. Boundary
    • Tax or fractional description
    • Show adjacent property lines/road connections
    • Known easements or restrictions
    • Zoning of principal and adjacent lands and the existing use of the principal and existing land.
    • Location Maps
  2. Topographic Information
    • U.S.G.S. contouring/wetland limits
    • Aerial photo--tree massing, physical improvements
  3. Proposed improvements
    • Type of approval, i.e., PUD, Condominium, etc.
    • Road jurisdiction--public, private, MDOT, etc. (Information as to the type of ownership of the proposed road(s) is to be clearly marked on the cover sheet of the site plan.
    • Road layout with general dimensions of curvature and radii
    • Lot layout with general dimensions and areas
    • Schematic storm water management plan
    • Schematic sewer and water provisions, hydrant locations, specifications and soils information
    • Common area structures