Volunteer Services

The Probate Court Volunteer Services division has been coordinating the services of volunteers utilized in the Probate and Family Courts for over 25 years. 

A Note From Judge Kenneth G. Mackness

I think that you will find the service as a Volunteer both interesting and highly rewarding. By your willingness to participate in the program, you demonstrate a keen concern for other people, often less fortunate, and a resolve to help them.

That desire to lend a helping hand is one of the most basic and noble of human endeavors.  In these times of non-commitment and non-involvement, our community and our legal system desperately needs volunteers.

The prospects are very good that your efforts will afford a modification of behavior that may enable a young person in trouble to turn the corner and set foot on the high road to good citizenship.

You may be able to help bring regulation and good housekeeping standards to a chaotic home and preserve the family unit, or perhaps your work with an older person under guardianship will be the 1st act of friendship that person has experienced in many years.

Whether your work is directly with court wards or rendering administrative services to the court, you may take great pride in knowing that you are doing vital work.

Kenneth G, Mackness, Probate Judge
Founder of Grand Traverse Probate Court Volunteer Program
Served: 1969-1987

A Note From Judge Melanie D. Stanton

Whatever your role may be with the court as a volunteer, please know that you are making a significant contribution in improving the lives of individuals in our community.

Melanie D. Stanton, Probate and Family Division Judge
Grand Traverse County