Sheriff's Deeds

Foreclosure of a Mortgage

A sheriff's deed is the deed given at a sheriff's sale when the foreclosure of a mortgage has taken place. Once the sale has taken place, the sheriff's deed is recorded in the Register of Deeds Office.

Redemption Period

There is a redemption period, stated in the sheriff's deed, in which you can attempt to sell the home yourself or come up with the funds to completely pay off the amount paid for the sheriff's deed. If the redemption period ends and you have not redeemed the property, the purchaser of the sheriff's deed is now the owner of the property.

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Sheriff's Deeds Per Year

Year Number
2015 108
2014 139
2013 169
2012 321
2011 353
2010 412
2009 375
2008 396
2007 291
2006 179
2005 115
2004 118
2003 96

Sheriff's Deeds to Date for 2016

Month Number
January 8
February 1
March 11
April 10
May 5
June 3
July 5
August 9