Court Cases

  1. Alleged Mentally Ill

    The Prosecutor’s Office represents every person who files a petition in Grand Traverse County requesting that the Probate Court determine that an individual is in need of involuntary mental health treatment.

  2. Delinquency

    The Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes cases against juveniles under the age of 17, when they have committed a crime or a status offense (activity that violates a law that only applies to minors – for example, truancy).

  3. Drug Enforcement

    There are various types of cases involving controlled substances, including possession of controlled substances, the manufacture or delivery of controlled substances, and investigations involving organizations that control narcotic operations that the prosecutor's office handles.

  4. Family

    Take a look at all of the court cases that are related to family matters.

  5. Felony Non-Support

    The Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes those who are required to financially support their child but who fail to do so, according to law, in criminal court.

  6. OWI / Traffic Safety

    Drugged driving is when a person is operating a vehicle while being "under the influence" of substances which affect that person's ability to safely drive his or her vehicle.

  7. Recovery Court

    The Recovery Court is an intensive, treatment-focused program that provides support to alcohol and drug addicted individuals in attaining and sustaining sober lifestyles.

  8. Sexual Assault

    The office works closely with law enforcement and child protective services, as well as medical and mental health professionals to be sure that a complete investigation is conducted and that the victim is supported throughout the process.

  9. Veterans Treatment Court

    Veterans Treatment Court is a specialized treatment court designed to assist veterans from all branches of the military who find themselves involved in the criminal justice system.