1. Child Support / Paternity

    The goal of these cases is to establish paternity and obtain court-ordered child support so children can be financially cared for by their parents.

  2. Divorces

    The Prosecutor’s Office reviews all divorce cases filed in Grand Traverse County to determine if any of the parties are indicating that a child was born or conceived during the marriage but is not the husband’s biological child.

  3. Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence includes assault crimes committed against family members or between individuals who reside together, have children together, or have a dating relationship.

  4. Guardianship / Conservatorships

    The Prosecutor’s Office provides legal counsel to the Department of Human Service Adult Protective Services Division in situation where they have petitioned the Probate Court for the appointment of a guardian and/or conservator due to the abuse and/or neglect of vulnerable adults.

  5. Kids in Court

    Find helpful documents that can explain court to a child.

  6. Neglect / Abuse

    Find out what to do if you suspect neglect or abuse in a home.