Standing L-R:  Vice Chair Sandra Busch, Commissioner Christine Maxbauer, Kory Hansen, Michelle Mercer, Secretary Shirley Zerafa, Dave Taylor, Carl Kucera
Sitting L-R:  Deputy Director Laura Green, Chair Rodetta Harrand, Treasurer Bill Rokos
Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Draft minutes will be made available as soon as possible following the meeting. Approved minutes will be available as soon as possible after the next regularly scheduled meeting.  View Most Recent Agendas and Minutes

Rodetta Harrand, Chair
Phone:  231-276-6840

Sandra Busch, Vice Chair
Phone:  231-947-5606

William Rokos, Treasurer
Phone:  231-946-1428

Christine Maxbauer, County Commissioner
Phone:  231-421-1417

Shirley Zerafa, Secretary
Phone:  231-938-9388

Kory Hansen
Phone:  231-275-4585

Carl Kucera
Phone:  231-943-4021

Michelle Mercer
Phone:  231-421-1682

Carol Sullivan
Phone:  231-929-1136

David Taylor
Phone:  231-360-0008