Program Registration

My Senior Center Key Tag
If you have been issued a My Senior Center Key Tag from us, then you can use MyActiveCenter to search and register for programs. If you need help registering please use the following steps to complete the process:

Step 1
Visit MyActiveCenter online and choose Sign-In.
MyActiveCenter home page - Step 1
Instructions Step 2
Step 2
Choose the Change Location button. 
Instructions Step 3
Step 3
Enter your local zip code and click on the Change button. 
Instructions Step 4
Step 4
Choose Grand Traverse County COA Senior Center at the top of the list.
Instructions Step 5
Step 5
Fill in all of the information under Activate Account and select the Continue button.
Instructions Step 6
Step 6
Scroll down the list and select the activity title you want to register for.
Instructions Step 7
Step 7
Select the day and time you want to register for the event.
Finish Activation
Once you've activated your account, you can join groups and enroll in activities online. When you enroll in an activity, it appears on your My Activities page. If you and your spouse share an email address, you can add them to your account from the My Account page.
Instructions Final Step