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Landlord Tenant Proceedings

Landlord-Tenant Proceedings

Proceedings to recover possession of premises and/or obtain a money judgment. 

The action must be filed at the District Court in the county where the premises are located.

If there is a claim for money judgment on a landlord-tenant case, the District Court has jurisdiction up to $25,000.  If a claim for money exceeds the court's jurisdiction, the District Court determines the possession issue and the Circuit Court determines the money portion.

Corporations and partnerships may not be represented in court by officers, directors, property managers or other employees who are not licensed to practice law in Michigan.

When filing a landlord-tenant suit, you must provide:

    •    One (3 page) Summons Form (DC104) for each tenant listed on your complaint
    •    One Complaint (DC102a) per case along with three (3) copies per defendant
    •    One (1) envelope addressed to each defendant with adequate postage
    •    One (1) return envelope for plaintiff with adequate postage
    •    Appropriate Filing Fee

Law firms handling service and mailing may provide one (1) complete Summons and Complaint and a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of paperwork.

Plaintiffs using computer generated Summons and Complaint may contact the Court prior to filing for a case number and hearing date.  The Court must then be provided with enough copies for service and mailing for each defendant, along with addressed envelopes and adequate postage.  Once a case number and hearing date has been obtained from the Court, the paperwork must be filed within two days.

Link:  Landlord/Tenant Handbook