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Probation Department

Probation, which is granted by the judge, is a sentence that allows the offender to live in the community under the supervision of a probation officer.  The 86th District Court has, in Grand Traverse County, 4.6 Probation Officers, along with two intensive Probation Officers serving Sobriety Court.  Antrim County has 1.5 Probation Officers and Leelanau County has one Probation Officer.  The average probation caseload has 185 people.

Contact the Probation Department at:
        Grand Traverse County    
        (231) 922-4590

        Antrim County
        (231) 533-6822

        Leelanau County
        (231) 256-8223

Probation FAQ

Where is the Probation Department located?
What if I miss my appointment?
What is a Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI)?
What is the role of the Probation Officer?
What is a Probation Violation?

Q: Where is the Probation Department located?

A: Probation is located in the lower level of the Robert P. Griffin Hall of Justice on Washington Street in Traverse City. You must pass through security (including metal detectors) and take the stairs or elevator to the lower level. There are blue tiles on the floor that will lead you to District Court Probation along with signs on the doors.

In Antrim County and Leelanau County the probation staff can be found within the District Court office.

Q: What if I miss my appointment?

A: If you miss an appointment with a Probation Officer, you should call them immediately. Please be advised that missing a court ordered appointment may result in a warrant for your arrest.

Q: What is a Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI)?

A: A Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI) is a report prepared by a Probation Officer and presented to the judge to provide information such as the following: personal, employment, criminal history, synopsis of the incident, substance abuse assessment, bond status and any additional information pertinent to the case. The Probation Officer also makes a recommendation to the judge about how s/he thinks the defendant should be sentenced. It is only a recommendation; the judge has no obligation to follow it.

Q: What is the role of the Probation Officer?

A: After sentencing, a Probation Officer supervises the defendant to ensure the court order is being followed. The Probation Officer will refer the defendant to appropriate agencies so the defendant can fulfill the court’s requirements. If the court order is not followed, the Probation Officer may issue a bench warrant or set a court date for the defendant to be seen on a Probation Violation.

Q: What is a Probation Violation?

A: A Probation Violation is an accusation by the Probation Officer that the court order has not been followed. If a bench warrant is issued, the defendant is arrested or turns him/herself in to the jail. The defendant will either post bond or see a judge on the following business day. The other way a Probation Violation is brought forth is if the Probation Officer files a petition and a court date is set.