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Recycling (Where & What)

Where Can I Recycle? 

All residents of Grand Traverse County have the opportunity to recycle either at one of the Drop-off Sites located within the County or choosing to subscribe to curbside recycling services. 

Curbside Recycling

is the most effective way to recycle. To be able to put your recyclables out at the curb, unsorted, is so much easier to do. If residents are not currently utilizing curbside recycling service, they must contact their hauler to subscribe.

What Can I Recycle?

Below are examples of recyclable items accepted.  Many waste haulers accept material beyond what is required and noted.


    • cardboard
    • boxboard -- cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.
    • newspapers
    • magazines, catalogs, and other glossy items
    • office paper -- including fax paper, lined paper, colored paper
    • unwanted mail
    • wax coated boxes, including milk cartons
    • phone books
    • #1 thru #7 plastics
    • Note: Some haulers are accepting additional plastics. 
    • all glass bottles and containers -- all colors
    • aluminum and steel cans (often called "tin" cans)
    • aluminum lawn chairs (remove webbing)
    • aluminum foil
    • completely empty aerosol and paint cans

If you have questions on acceptable items, contact your waste hauler.


Other Recycling Options


Please refer to the Take It Back link for recycling location options and further information.

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