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What is Resource Recovery?

What is Resource Recovery?

As our obligation to become better stewards of our natural resources has grown, so have the ways in which we may preserve them. We believe recycling itself is a reusable and renewable resource—a means by which everyone can do their part. Although we may not always realize it, recycling is a process whose benefits affect our lives everyday and whose products surround us in remarkable ways—in kitchens, on rooftops. Even the clothing on our backs.

Recycling is a manufacturing process with a wonderful twist — a way to make more with less. Every pound we recycle is one less pound we have to mine, smelt or mill. One less pound we have to bury or burn. Cans become more cans. Paper becomes insulation. Steel finds its way back into cars. All of which uses a lot less energy than if we were to make these things from scratch.

"Resource Recovery" is the collecting and separating of certain waste materials for processing into new forms, which will ultimately be marketed as raw materials for new products. Resource Recovery is not only environmentally important, but it is also cost effective. It reduces the amount of waste for disposal, saves space in landfills, is more energy-efficient than burning materials, and conserves natural resources.

"RecycleSmart" is the name for a collection of Resource Recovery programs offered by Grand Traverse County.  These programs include Household Hazardous Waste collections, Take It Back program, a Brush Drop-off site, Recycling Opportunities, Educational presentations, and Solid Waste Management.

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